Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pee pee

Don't look at me like this mommy,i was just copying barky....

Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy never bothered his parents again after learning this trick..


Next time when your child refuses to share ,don't refrain yourself to show this video..


Clouds are falling

Pure Squeaky-clean imagination.

 Little girl was experiencing snow fall for the very first time and said "HEY LOOK CLOUDS ARE FALLING"

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The roll

Admit it. You've used all of these escape methods to get away from your baby once they had finally fallen asleep...


Yeah i have gone both the ways...still doing it,my daughter is 5yrs old and can't sleep without literally hovering on me,specially on my head(one or two bumps are usual) head is in shape still by God's grace...

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Big sister

Who said big sisters are always nice,adorable,polite,orderly to their younger ones.They can be nasty is something getting on their nerves as in this case happened.....
One boy was having hard time in spelling his name.One fine morning he announced that he can spell his name "DOG".After inquisition his older sis came in the picture...Poor kid must be annoying her...its just my opinion though huh....

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Whats the matter mommy

OMG..."Whats the matter mommy" ha ha genious kids....
This mom is getting on her nerves,its hard to control...i can't stand this spot...or may be i can..Once my DD had emptied one big bottle of baby powder in the whole house and it had become so slippery and Once she had taken butter spa with all her clothes,blankie, bedspreads ,even more...hmmm hell lot of work...all the best lady...

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